Alternative to tie wraps

Hello, found most small tie wraps are garbage, came up with alternative. Thought I’d share.

Used 1/4" Ring Terminal 12-10 GA connector
Removed Insulator
Soldered joint shut
Added solder to end on both sides (to remove sharp edges)
Tapped 6-32
Used 18-16 GA Moisture Resistant Tap Connector
Remove Spade
Used small file to open center
Securely locks belt & works as tensioner

Alternative-to-tie-wraps.pdf (293 KB)




How much tension are you aiming to put on the belts?

Having said this, I realize I have no good way to measure my belt tension but I would guess I’m using between 10 and 20 lbs.

Ryan estimates 3-5 lb in his assembly instructions:



Not sure what poundage, but 3/4 oz fish weights deflect belt 1/16". Need to be careful though, can move tubing in corner mounts if over tighten. I got around this by pinning corners.