Aluminium Plate, 900mm/min, 10mm DOC, no cooling

Okay, the title is not really spectacular. The product neither, but I think the values I worked with are pretty much off the hook. Next time I am going to go 600mm/min, might be better. :stuck_out_tongue:

The plate for the first one was too small… :frowning:

900mm/min trochoidal milling, 10mm DOC, no cooling. :sweat_smile:

The video is unlisted because it is not edited in any way and will later be part of a video on how to make a boom arm (hopefully). ;D It will give you a great insight into the speed though. I have to admit, there was a bit of flex, mainly in the tool holder, but it is allright for what I wanted.


Looks like you are getting it dialed in. My next attempt will include some air, I have a mist setup but I think just some air will help clear chips from being re-cut. Yours did seem to get thrown clear better than mine did.

Dou you know what alloy/heat treatment the plate was?


I checked ebay for this again. I paid 29,99€ for 10kg… the price is now 69,99€. Wtf…

That appears to be 5083 in the US, interesting you had good success with it as one metal supplier I saw listed its machinability as poor.

I checked this site before: Aluminium Fräsen leicht gemacht – CNC Blog
It rates all kinds of aluminium, there it is rated “good”. Which is not very good, but not bad either. :smiley:

Yet here it’s rated ‘poor’:

So much for standardization. :roll_eyes:

My experience says: The site that deals with mainly CNCing capabilities is right. :smiley:

Just for clarification, is this the lr3??

with what router?

Nah, it’s my Primo (MPCNC Primo Schneewittchen - Oldenburg, Germany) with the Makita.

I don’t know anymore, I had to deal with two banks this AM, one saying they hadn’t received my card payment and the other saying they were waiting for the other to accept the payment they sent. My experience says banks lie like a rug. I’m starting to believe very little of what I hear until I can confirm it myself.

Oh yeah, I see in the video now. Very nice. Cuts easily with trochoidial.

A quick and poor man’s solution for an air assist is to attach a piece of tape on the top of the drill bit so as to form a kind of helix.
It works well but it will be multidirectional so could be big mess of chips everywhere.

The spindle looks like a Makita. The internal fan of the Makita blows quite a lot of air down and helps with chip clearing and cooling a lot.
The down side: If you use a dust boot you either need quite a strong vac (a lot of airflow) or do some other tricks ^^