Aluminum Setting "HELP"

I’m sure its been gone over time and time again. But here is goes, looking to cut a part out of aluminum in Estlcam V11.013. Its a 2 two side 3d model. Ill be using the Block Machining option. IM running the DW660 but cant seem to to get the right settings down. Whats a good place to start on speed, depth per pass, etc.

listed below is what I have and what im working on.

Thanks in advance


I would mill that as a regular job using a flip. I don’t really see anything that is specifically 3D about it other than it is two sided.

As for speeds and stuff, You need to give all the details of your machine specs, spindle, and endmill. I would definitely mill it out of wood or plastic first, that is not the job to figure out your Aluminum settings and a flip.

I dont have the DXF file for this port. Thats why im going this route. When I pull the lines it ends up missing a few lines.

As far as build. IM using a DW660, 1/8 spindle, signal flute 3.175mm end mill, marlin 1.1.0-1 DRV8825 drivers on a ARduino.

its a 24x24x3in build

For 1/8 try to set ~15000rpm, use 300mm/min, doc 0.6mm, woc 40%

On the DW660 I cant adjust the RPM its on and off. ill try it tonight. DOC depth of cut. Whats WOC?

Width of cut. Percent of bit diameter.

As i remember dw660 rotates at 25000. So then try step by step increase feedrate. Mmm. May be up to 450. Start at 300. Try a few test with step +50.

Use fswizard calculator, but be a bit conservative

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That is a really old version of Marlin, are you sure that is correct?

yes sir… Im kinda behind the times.

This just in. Im up to date on the firmware…