Amazon Affiliate Link

Hey Ryan, can you post an Amazon affiliate link without it pointing to a specific product? I’ve been using one from a podcast I don’t even listen to anymore and would like to change my support to you. (I buy a LOT of stuff on Amazon.)

Thank Kenny, that is an awesome gesture.

Any of the other links on the site should work as well and the cookie is supposed to last 24hrs.

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It’s completely painless. You just create a shortcut to that link on your Bookmark Toolbar and use that every time you go to Amazon and it’s automatically a click through. Passive income is the bomb. Everybody get on board!

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It really does help. If everyone that used Amazon choose a person to support it usually adds up to a whole lot more than a typical patreon donation and doesn’t require much more than a bookmark like you said.

Apparently you have to be careful about how you point that out to people. I used to listen to a home brewing podcast called Basic Brewing. He used to say every episode something short and simple like “hey follow my amazon link to help support the show.” Apparently that was in violation of their terms and they dropped him completely. Just an FYI.

Yikes! I know emailing links are a huge no-no. I guess I should read over the terms again. For a while bookmarking was not valid either, they let you do it but did not count the sales. Currently they approve and have a page telling you how to make affiliate bookmarks on every browser.