Andy touch plate and GCode

I have copied Andy’s design and procedure and am glad to say every thing works fine on my lowrider 2, I have been studying his Gcode with or without LCD as I wish to insert it into Estlcam . I have a question with regards “M18 Z Disable Z Stepper Motor. This is disabled so you can manually move the Z axis up to get the new bit in”. My question is if I disable the Z axis will that not allow the frame to drop or does that only happen when you power down the machine.

Probably not a real bright question but I am asking anyway. Cheers Wayne

The MPCNC Z doesn’t usually drop on it’s own weight. Some machines, they do. That just means you’ve got a really smooth Z. I would just take out that line, or maybe replace it with a positive Z move.

Thanks Jeff I must have a really smooth Lowrider because it does slide down easily. Thanks for the heads up I will just delete that line and give it a go. I dont know how to attach a thank you on the forum but thanks for your time.

Cheers wayne

I thought you had an MPCNC because of the section in the forums. Low riders should fall on their own weight.