Another Canuck from Ontario

Hi All,

Just wanted to say hi, tell you about my build and ask some questions… as i’m waiting on parts to be printed and delivered (6 days to cross the border, 2 weeks to go the last 40km -_-).

I am still trying to decide how i’m going layout and build my table… but at least the parts will be fluorescent (one of the cheapest pla on amazon and a little fun too)


  • I have a laser cutter and I’m thinking of cutting the y plates out of 2x 1/4" plywood and gluing it together…will this have enough support or try and see?
  • i have the rigid R2901 router. It’s 93mm in diameter, has anyone tried a router of this size?

Looking forward to getting all the bits and putting it together!


moving my questions to the advice section…

Seeing as how plywood is layers of wood glued together, 2 sheets of 1/4" glued together ought to be not too different from 1 sheet of 1/2". Certainly it ought to be at least as strong as MDF.

The caveat here will be the quality of your gluing them together. Plywood is under a lot of pressure when the layers are glued, so as to have as little gap between the wood as possible. The Y plates are small enough that you should be able to clamp them well.

The next issue will be aligning the parts. If it were me, I’d probably make a jig in order to insure that the layers are precisely aligned.

I got my parts on Saturday… funny how that works out…
I did cost it all out to get it from aliexpress and from v1 it worked out to only be a marginally more expensive, but arrival one package, under 2 weeks, and no hassle of stuff not arriving… highly recommend buying the kit direct!

I measured out the bolts and it looks like i have plenty to just cut two pieces from 3/4" ply for the Y plates.

  • Most of the parts are printed (just the vacuum port and router mount left)
  • getting the steel pipes next… someone local has a deal on 16 gauge (0.051") pipes… is it too thin? has anyone tried it?
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Would of helped if I used the search :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Go to your local Metal Supermarket. They will cut to size depending on your franchise.

thanks got my pipes today… just cleaning all the support material off the prints now…


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