Another V1 kinda day underway!

Two projects, three machines running. The MP3DP is printing up a big old lithophane, the MPCNC is routering out a big recess in a gorgeous piece of Sapele and the MPCNC Laser is doing a test etch onto a smaller piece of Sapele in preparation for the final etchninto the recess on the big board.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my toys? :wink:

What? No pictures? Kelly, what am I supposed to do? Look at my own projects?

But if it isn’t unedited video it could be questioned, no?

[attachment file=108978]
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Like having three skilled employees that work for free and don’t take smoke breaks (you hope…Mr. Laser might).

Ha! It’s only a matter of time. The MPCNC has had a couple smoke breaks in its short life thus far.

It’s just a phase, it will grow out of it.

Almost finished this one. One more cut and then a bit of Tung oil. [attachment file=109345]

Here’s some sideways pics for everyone. When I get to my desk I’ll flip them and repost but that may be a few days. The guy was super happy and the MPCNC laser has now earned its keep. That’s a great feeling. And I tell ya - Sapele is a beautiful wood to work with. Both on the cutters and the laser. Just don’t put a finish on the lasered stuff - the wood goes so deep and dark it’s almost impossible to see the details in the etch. Perhaps a varnish or urethane would be better but I love the oils.

[attachment file=109350]
[attachment file=109351]
[attachment file=109352]


Looks great. Nice work, robots.

What a cool project. It has it all!

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Just missing a 3d printed element. Dang! I should have offered to print a knob or two!

Here’s how it looks with all her hangables. Pretty cool project.

[attachment file=110919]

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And today I got to spend the afternoon cleaning the shop while stockpiling a bunch of lamp bases…hard to call this “work”.

#livingthedream :wink:

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