Anyone have a good source for the hardware?

I’m sorry if this has been asked. I’ve searched and read many of the posts but haven’t found any related to sources of hardware that are reasonable or even cheap.

I know Lowes, Home Depot, Fastenall and McMaster-Carr are sources, but does anyone have a source that is cheaper?

I’m starting to make the parts, and figured I’d order the hardware, bearings, etc a little at a time as I print. That said, if I can save a lot, I’d rather just place one order for all of the hardware if I can get it cheap enough.

So any thoughts and comments are most appreciated.

The V1 shop is pretty close to the cheapest, AFAIK. In small quantities, you are basically paying for the counting. Even in a B&M store. Ryan counts the same stuff every time, and he can offer it pretty cheap. Plus, you don’t have to worry about whether the bolts are gonna fit, or how many of each kind.

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I’ll keep that in mind. I was thinking knowing of a good source would be handy for other projects too. After all what’s the point of a 3D printer and CNC router if you don’t make other things :wink:

Metric hardware is the best for 3D printing. An assortment of M3-M5 screws and nuts are all I have needed. Most M4 and M5 are even pretty rare. I was lucky because my dad got tired of trying to find those kind of screws everywhere and bought a bunch and sorted them into a tackle box, and he gave it to me when he moved last time.

Ace hardware usually has a pretty good selection of the small stuff, but they can be pricey too. Anything under 100 qty and you’re really just paying for them to be counted. It is often 1/3 or so the price per screw to buy them at 100 qty.

I’ve also had good luck with bolt depot. They will show you quite clearly when you should buck up and buy in larger quatities. It won’t save you any money the first time, and you’ll spend a spool of filament printing organizers for the extras, but it sure is nice to be certain you have an M3x20 or M3x16mm in the box when you’re designing something.

I saw Bolt Depot on a web search.
I also have an Adam Savage inspired HF parts organizer rack. So yea having extras is good, and buying 100 shouldn’t be an issue.

As for filament, I’m not worried about that as I consider it part of learning my printer and improving my printing skills!

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I will second that the V1 shop is more than reasonable. In my case, because I live in Canada, and because I have access to a wholesale account, I was able to get it slightly under what it would cost here with shipping, but also because I already had many things left over from other projects, and therefore didn’t need to buy again which would have come with a kit.

Much of the hardware like bearings, switches, pulleys and idlers are expensive if bought locally in small quantities, and only reasonably cheap if bought in bulk, and you’re willing to wait for China post. Buying small numbers via China post seems to result in a very high probability of a “lost package” which will never arrive in your mailbox. At least that’s been my experience. For the stuff that does arrive, 6 weeks to here is more or less a minimum.

With all that in mind, supporting the creator by making a purchase seems to be a reasonable choice.

If your in the US. I like to buy hardware from grainger. They will put things on discount for stupid cheap. I think I got 200 m5x40 for $1. Of course those are a little too long in some places and I have to cut them but they are so cheap I can’t help but buy them.

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