Archim or Rambo

Im getting ready to purchase one of these kits. I am stuck on the decision to use the 32 step archim or the 16 step rambo. I do have experience with firmware and ramps boards, but I have a concern on the Archim board being easily setup with dual endstops? Also would the archim have better accuracy? If anyone has used the Archim could you chime in and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

If you want this for accuracy, it is not any different, or at least no one has proven a measurable difference.

The Archim is more of a beta 32bit version of the Rambo, not much else is differnt.

Ok thank you very much for your response

It was a difficult choice for me too for boards. I see the word “beta” and have questions. But then looking at the instructions for the wiring for the other boards and feeling like that would be a little more work since I wasn’t getting a wire harness.

The dual end stops was what convinced me to get the Archim 2. I was able to plug everything in and it just worked.

The only thing was deciphering where the end stops plugged in by looking at the schematics. And getting the LCD cables in correct. The page with all the boards on it and instructions took a lot of work for me to understanding because of all the different options. Part of it is that a lot of instructions how there are set up for using as a 3D printer and not a driving a router.

Some I have to tweak some of the default commands for CNC.js, but it processes the gcode great.

The Trinamic drivers also influenced my decision. Maybe none of things things add up to a big difference, but at least this was my thought process.



I don’t sell the Archim2 any longer. I prefer the 8825’s (Archim1) over the trinamics at this time.

@Ryan and @Marion,

So the Rambo 1.4 doesn’t support end-stops?

I’m also mentally wrestling over which board to get.

All boards support endstops. If you are unsure what to get start a new thread with some of the things you want to use your machine for.

Not all boards support dual endstops on all axis.

Which ones do?

The mini does not.

You need at least 5 drivers for it to work.

So I should be good with the RAMBo 1.4