Archim2 compatible to Archim1 yes/no

Can anyone tell me if the Archim2 is compatible to the Archim1?

What do you mean compatible? They have the same processor but different drivers and different configurations.

Sorry! I’m new to all this so please be patient with me. I’m just starting to get into this complete newbie.

Sorry. I am not mad. I’m just trying to figure out what you are asking.

Maybe not angry mad, but you are certainly mad… Muahahahaha! :man_scientist: :crazy_face: :test_tube: :fireworks:


I dont think K. Cummins is an evil genius

But all my best packages come from:

 |                 |
 |    ACME Labs    |
 |                 |

And it’s pronounced “super gee-nee-uss”… :coyote:

I never thought you being mad. I need help on getting a cnc that will be working. The hardware I can do with my eyes closed the electronics, drivers, controllers that is my issue. That is the help I need specially when all the controllers are sold out at V1 Engineering so I’m trying to find substitute that will work.