Arctic code vault

I thought this was pretty cool, I have a new badge on both my accounts, for marlin and the V1 stuff. As well as all the other users I could look up. Pretty cool to think all of us that have been using github will be in some crazy vault for 1000+ years. Right next to that amazing seed vault.


Wow. I think some of my code must have made it in there. Sandify, probably.

I assume the tools to check out HEAD, tar it up, and generate a giant QR code are open source somewhere. I would really like to print that out and keep my own archive for fun (depending on the size, maybe frame it).

That’s really neat.

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I can dig it down in my garden if you’d like!! Can’t promise you permafrost all year round, but the ground is frozen for quiiite a while every year yes.

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Whoa did you know the scroll wheel works on the sandify screen!? :exploding_head:

If you hover on your badge it gives a few of instances you are in there but doesn’t seem to let you click through to a complete list.

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That is so cool!!!