Articulating arm...

Built an articulating arm to hold the display I use to control the printer and laser.

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That’s cool. Is it your design?

When are you going to add stepper motors, face recognition and voice recognition software?

Cool! I need to finish mine…

Yes, it’s my design. I drew it up in fusion in about 10 minutes and then cut it out over the next 30.

I’m thinking this is my preferred method of woodworking.
draw with the mouse, let the computer do the hard work of cutting it out.

maybe what I need is a half sheet (but adjustable for larger) low-rider. I don’t like having to resize my mpcnc smaller and larger to swap between circuit boards and detail work vs. just cutting out larger pieces. but I also don’t want to park the truck outside the garage. :frowning:

drat. Vicious costing me money again. :slight_smile:

I hadn’t thought about making it auto height adjustable with a stepper… that’s potentially cool. drat.

Make your own linear actuators!

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