Assembling my old LR2

I am assembling my old LR2 , and am having an issues for the Z lead Screw not lining up, any one have any idea on how to fix?

Do you know where the angle is coming from? Are all the parts sitting flush to the flat parts? Are the 3D printed parts square/flat? Is something flexing?

You can maybe shim it to get it to line up. I had to do that on my LR1. But I think the design on the LR2 made it less of a problem.

That’s what I am trying to figure out , and I’m fairly certain everything was printed square/flat , going to go back out and look at it again once my kids are asleep.

Make sure the brackets that connect to the z pipes aren’t reversed I seem to remember doing that to mine with a similar result


Thank you! Even after I thought, I’d check that multiple times this and that in the problem flipping around everything lines up perfect