Attach PLA case to Y Plate with Magnets

Newbie question, looking for an easy way to mount my screen/board to the yplate. Currently using this case. *Updated* SKR 1.2 Pro and TFT35 E3 V3 Cases for MPCNC Lowrider 2 CNC by brenavich980 - Thingiverse
Would it be a good idea given the proximity to the controller board to put magnets on the back of the PLA case to mount it to the yplate?

Magnets are relatively harmless to most electronics, provided that they do not move relative to the electronics. It is the movement of the magnetic field over a conductor that induces current and can therefore cause problems. So the magnets in the electronics case won’t directly cause problems, unless they are moved around very close to wires attached to the electronics. So long as a reasonable distance is maintained, it will be fine.

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I like that thought, although how often do you think you will need to detach the board?

The question in my mind is whether the whole lot will come tumbling down if any of the wires leaving the case catch on something.

Not sure at the moment , but always like the ability to in case of bed weather, that thought had crossed my mind as well, I ended up buying 3m Velcro strips

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Lee Valley tools sells little cups that hold their disc neodymium magnets. I have a bunch of these and corresponding 1/2" disc magnets. It does make for a nice secure fastener.

I suppose the in the event of a wire getting caught, it comes down to if you’d rather that it pull the case off of the Y plate, or pull the wire out of the board.