Auto Levelling


does the firmware support autolevelling? (I’d like to use it for PCB creation. they are imperceptibly warped usually and cutting at 0.1mm depth requires it to be REALLY flat.

anyone with experience using auto leveling?


Yes the firmware supports auto leveling.

This being a mill there is a much easier way that software auto leveling that really doesn’t work the way most people expect, It just averages the surface to a plane but doesn’t account for curves or dips in the surface.

2 better options are mill a pocket for your pcb, the pocket holds the board and is perfectly level. Or 3d print a pocket, it to will be level.

My biggest worry is that I don’t believe the pcb blank itself is perfectly level. I did plane off a wasteboard already, so it’s already perfectly level with respect to the tool head… My experience with pcb blanks though is that they aren’t flat to within .01mm… Since that’s how far I’m drilling, a .01mm variance is the difference between a trace and no trace…

The other thought I had was to mill a pocket and then put a small vacuum line under it so that it would suck the board down flat… No vacuum pump in the parts closet yet though…

Yeah that’s where I am almost positive it won’t help. Last time I looked at it you can probe as many places as you want, it will average those points to a plane. It does not compensate for a bump or dip. It is meant for a glass or metal bed not being mounted correctly not an uneven surface.

I think you have a good idea though just punch some holes and throw a shop vac on there, I’m sure it would make a big difference.

Shop vacs at the moment are giving me a problem. When I turn them on the static build up in the place seems to cause the Ramos board to crash… Or the driver in the laptop or… Not really sure which…

interesting problems at least…