BDring pen/laser controller for ZenXY

Goodies arrived in the mail!

So I want to replace the RAMPS board in my ZenXY table and replace it with this. I know Ryan has done the firmware for this, but being new to GRBL, I’m not as familiar with how to do stuff. Also want to connect it to the home wifi, so I don’t have to sneakernet files to it.

So… how does that work?

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I don’t know if those come pre-flashed or not. I’m not using any of Bart’s hardware. But once you plug the ESP32 into the carrier board and power it up, it should be broadcasting a wifi signal. Connect to that with your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.
Instructions are here…

Main Wiki starts here…

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Ok… so no, mine is not flashed. There was the option to include a flashed ESP32 module, but I’m using ones spurced elsewhere (I bought a 6 pack, lol. I wanted to be able to try some other stuff.)

I did pull the .zip that Ryan posted. I guess I’ll need to compile it. Looks like platformio is the way to do that. Also appears as though the SSID and password for the wifi can be entered into the config, so I’ll look at that.

With the ESP32 boards, when you compile and upload, you need to hold down the “boot” button on the board when the console shows the
Connecting...___...___... prompt. (It should show 3 periods and 3 underscores alternating, I can’t figure out how to make that come through here. It keep bolding the middle periods with the markups)

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Okay, so I’ve got the firmware flashed and connected to my network. The machine itself isn’t connected yet, so we’ll have to see how that goes.

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Technically, it is bolding and italicizing the three periods in the middle, it’s just really, really hard to see the italics… (one underscore italicizes, two underscores bolds, three underscores bolds and italicizes)
Use backslashes to escape the underscores. …\_\_\_…\_\_\_… → …___…___…
Or use backticks to escape/console-ize the whole shebang `…___…___…` → ...___...___...

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I don’t know why, but recently I have not had to place the device in programming mode when uploading, it just accepts the upload without the “hold down the boot button and click the reset button to get into program mode”… but that is another story.

You can also just use the arduino IDE to upload to your ESP32 DEVKIT.

Unless you enter credentials in config.h the ESP32 will set up its own wifi network that you can connect to and then configure the esp32 to attach to your home network - or…

You can enter your ssid and password to your home network in the config.h file… around line 95 …so it connects automagically upon booting.

I haven’t ever held down the boot button on an esp32, just the esp8266s.

I usually use platformio from the command line, but I have also used the arduino ide (but a long time ago, like a year). I also only use Linux, but I don’t think that should matter, unless the usb to uart chipset needs drivers in windows.

It appears that some of the dodgy ESP32 devkits do not have the two transistors to toggle EN and GPIO0 when the USB signals it is ready to upload, these will require the pressing of the boot and reset buttons…
I must have had a new delivery of up-market devices!

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I did have to hold down a button… Or would have, but I used a jumper wire instead.

I still haven’t had a chance to test the board, I’m kind of waiting on that package stuck in customs since June 19, and now I’m thinking that I might end up making a laser engraver out of it instead, having seen some cool ideas around. I have a feeling that I could probably order a laser from China by slowboat and it’d be here before I see that package… I’ve been digging up my old wishlists for 40-60W CO2 lasers…