Bearing fit in parts

I have started putting this together today & the bearings are fitting nice & tight like you say, but having hard time getting pipe between bearings. If I have the middle bearing outside of center of pipe on the Roller_F part, it will fit. Is this sound normal until it wears in? I would need to put a little longer bolt in that spot initially if that is the case. My pipe OD is .923. Here are a couple of photos of what this problem looks like. I have not started on the other bearing parts yet.

I cried wolf too soon. After being able to get the pipe through one of the small parts, I took a spare piece of small pipe & hit the pipe with a rubber mallet & it fit between the bearings, but tight. From what I have read in all the messages around this project it should wear in a little & fit nicely over time, but tight at 1st.

Thanks for a cool project.

Be sure to start with the middle bearing loose, the one with plastic on both sides. It does a decent job of tension control on the part flexing. If it gets a little looser than tighten up the middle bearing bolt.

i found that beveling the pipe just a bit with a file or orbital sander makes it much easier to slide the pipes in.