Bearings: ABEC 3 vs 5 vs 7 vs 9 - does it matter?

I’m building two MPCNCs - one to use as a wood router, and one to attempt to use as a ceramic 3D printer.

I’ve got one build mostly done - once I have my stepper motor situation sorted out I will start hooking up the electronics and calibrating it using a pen mounted in place of the router.

I’ve started printing the second MPCNC. I originally ordered only enough of the recommended bearings (which are ABEC 5) for one MPCNC. I’ve ordered more, but it will take them another 3-4 weeks before they get here from China, and I’m feeling impatient. I found a bunch of ABEC 3 bearings that have been sitting in one of my junk drawers for a long time (possibly since the late 1990s!) As far as I can tell, they look and spin the same as the recommended ABEC 5 bearings.

So… ABEC 3 vs 5 (vs 7 vs 9) - does it matter? Will the lower precision and efficiency of the 3s vs the 5s be noticeable once I start routing or 3d printing? (I figure, probably not, but the perfectionist in me says that it doesn’t hurt to ask.)

Don’t think it will matter.

Agreed, don’t worry about it. We don’t really use them in that way.

It does matter in terms of price.

So go for the ABEC 3.

I for one cant wait to see more about the ceramic printer. Please keep us updated.