Bed Size and Bed Options

For this MP3DP V2 – what is the standard bed size? Are there complete beds that can be purchased that have the heated bed, magnet build plates with smooth PEI and textured like Prusa?

The MK3 aluminum bed that is 220x220mm is the standard one. I thought Ryan sold them in his shop, but that may be old news.

Does the frame need to be made from 3/8" stock ?

I have a bunch of 1/2" handi Baltic Birch panels just sitting around. They measure out at about .47 so just a tad thicker.

I am not sure what other materials can be used other that fiber/MDF board.

That should be fine. It doesn’t clamp the material anywhere. Unless you go way thicker, it should be fine. I think the screws all have enough extra length for 1/2" though.

Ok. cool I ended up cutting them out.

Is there a way to search on this site to just get all the photos for MP3DP ?

Not that I know of. Just the people that linked there builds in this section of the forums.

What is the purpose of the Y speed plate vs the standard y plate?


The speed plate is lighter.

I use the other one because I Insulate my beds and that is needed to keep it in sometimes.

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