Before I click send on my pipe order...

I am just getting a little nervous, and wouldn’t mind a second set of eyes. My intention is to build a full 4’ x 8’ build. Does this look like the right pipe and lengths? Are the prices reasonable? With shipping the order is roughly $144.00

Uh, does that order get you 48" lengths or 4-12" lengths?

It should get me two 60" sections and four 12" sections.

That’s double the wall thickness than the recommended 0.065" wall tubing. That alone will add to weight to the shipping and table, but most likely will cost more too.



Is there a chance of finding this stuff locally in person for you? I grabbed mine for about $5 a foot.

I doubt there is any chance locally. I will check.

Is double thick just plain overkill? I wanted to ensure maximum rigidity.

Check out the second link there is some discussion about wall thickness. If you post up where you are some folks may be able to help you out. It’s surprising where everyone is, and most people on here are pretty resourceful.

I can’t answer the overkill part but the lr2’s able to do a full sheet and the fellow who’s made all this stuff seems to think .065" is right for it. The way it all comes together too it’s two tubes doing the work, and you’re not likely to be pushing big bits around.

There are a number of threads here about chasing stiffness and rigidity and often they come to the same conclusion that the machine isn’t meant for that sort of max rigid charging big bit big cut type of work. It’s light and nimble by design. It doesn’t take much to snap the 1/8" bits I’ve been using. The thin wall tubes are more than strong enough to do that.

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Thank you for your post. I have been looking through the forum and I find a lot of conflicting information. After doing the research I have come to the conclusion (?) that there is little problem with using the thicker wall, and there may not be benefit, but it might make me sleep better. I like sleep…

The only issue is you might need to move a little slower due to moving mass.