Beginner questions.. possible 1m x 1m x 1m and petg/nylon and flexifilaments?

Hey everyone,…

First I´m totally new to CNC or 3D Printing but I found your project and I´m more then excited about it! Man you are awesome! Really!
I hope my english is good enough,… I´m not a native speaker… Normally I only want to have a big 3D printer… but now you changed my life! :slight_smile: I will call my first child:
Mostly Printed CNC / MultiTool


My questions:

  • Can I change the print size to 1m x 1m x 1m? At the moment I saw people changing the x and y axis but not the y axis…
    It this will be stable enough???

(Also plan a heated champer later… for bigger Abs prints)

  • When I add an heated bed,… can I print also Petg, Nylon and Flexfilaments?

  • There are any tutorials for
    – dual extruder (how to ?)
    — 4 extruders,… man this is insane!!! (how to ? Link?)

  • possible to connect this to a rasperry pi and use it with Octoprint? (how to ? Link?)

  • The laser/CNC (where to by,… how to calibrate,… which software…how to add… )

  • Last but not least is it possible to to this printer at a total beginner? The construction looks great easy to build but the software and the calibration sounds hard!

And how huch is shipping to germany and do I need to pay taxes too?

Sorry for this big amount of questions but to read everythink here is for now to much to translate for me,…

Thanks for making it open source!!!

:smiley: is there a 3D file of the complet 3d printer… I mean not the single stl files… a file where its all together…

I think about to make a level more… that the z axis has 2 rails to hold… in this way I can make maybe a higher z axis… or what do you think about this?

As a beginner you should really stick to the standard machine and learn it’s ins and outs. All the updates and switching components is pretty easy but starting with a 4 head machine would be very frustration for a beginner.

Thanks vivious,… thanks for your awesome work. …

and this is my plan to make first the standart version,… and than make it bigger… first I think to the Mark II Version (even I dont understand all this changes now…)and than after I have a bit more understanding to make it bigger… and close it… that is the plan right now…

You are the creator of this nice printer… 1m - 1m - 1m is possible or should build another one?

That markII is not my revisions, I have not really looked at it much so I can’t say if it is better or not.

I don’t see any reasonable way to make a 1M z axis. it would work but the wobble would be out of control when fully extended.