Belt routing

So I think I’ve got this figured out, but I’ll ask for a little validation before I tighten zip-ties…

Routing is from the motor side of the center. Next is a idler on the motor side of the roller. Then to the first motor, around and all the way to the other corner. In and around the idler that’s closest to sand. From there to the next corner, but the idler furthest from sand. Next to the other roller, through the idler toward the center. At the center it crosses the belt clamp through to the other roller and around the idler. Back to the corner, but in the unused idler. Crossing the previous stretch to the last corner idler. All the way to the second motor and around it’s pulley. Back to the last idler on the roller. Finally it ends back in the center. The two ends need to be looped and zip-tied a couple of times to hold on the spacer (would it make sense to have a washer on the outside of the spacer to keep things in place?). Tighten the belt appropriately with the zip-ties and fix the belt to the belt clamp. Finally slip the stop block onto the belt as appropriate to hit the limit switch.

With that layout my belt is reversed from engaging the teeth on the belt clamp. I’m assuming when I tighten a zip-tie to the belt clamp I should have the center in a specific location, middle of everything or at the 0,0 point?

It looks like you will need to zero one side before the other, or else you won’t be anywhere near the limit switch. Is that correct?

Well, close. I need to do a diagram.

[attachment file=42443]

Center post to the idler hanging off the roller, around the stepper, under the bearings to the idler closet to the rail, as it crosses the back it goes the the idler closest to the sand.

[attachment file=42444]

The belt should always be smooth side to the idler, that will put your teeth in the right position.

On that center post the zip ties cross to align the endstop stop.

[attachment file=42442]

I think you’re already past this part, but I wanted to post this image too, in case it’s helpful for you, or for someone in the future (Hello from the past. How is it in the future? Do people still drive cars themselves?).

Super useful thread… But I’m sensing it will get totally derailed.

Yeah, I started with that diagram. The key it the belt is backwards on the idlers, which means they don’t really have to be 16 tooth, as long as they’re a diameter that fits in.