Belts and pulleys


I’m building MPCNC with working area of 40 x 60 cm (about 16" x 24")
I plan to do some metal working in aluminium.

Would 2GT 6mm belts with 16T pulleys be enough?

What would be a better solution for belts and pulleys?
2GT 9mm?
16, 20 or more tooth pulleys?

Less teeth, more torque if I got things right?


I think most of the parts you built your machine with are more of a soft spot in that device, than the belt.
The machine is not rigit enough to do high speed and deep cuts in aluminiun, so you don’t need belts for that.
Gt2 6mm is rated with 40lbs, thats 18kg. I think your printed parts will give up earlier!

It can do aluminum now. My build is 5 foot square and I’ve done these. Go slow, I think I was doing half millimeter depths, don’t remember, one of the pictures might have that info. The z touch off plate was a screw up on my part, not the machines. I think I tried to go too fast, or there was a chunk of slag in the pour so it was harder than the machine could cope with at that speed.