Bench test

hey guy I got a 3d printer and having some troubles dailing this in. What causes this.

Have you done a simpler bench test? It looks like it’s maybe over extrusion, but there are a lot of things going on with that little ship.

No do you have a simpler one.


I like this one:

I scale it larger in X and Y and smaller in Z. The complete fill layers tell me a lot about over exteusion because they overfill.

I agree it could be over extrusion. In addition to that it looks like there isn’t an extrusion fan blowing to cool the plastic as it extrudes. PLA really likes to get cooled off quickly after it come out of the extruder. It makes it really smooth and shiny. If it stays too hot for a few seconds it can change shapes and look rough and lumpy like that.

Is turn the speed down abit and temp to 210

Oh I don’t have any cooling ducts. The printer was given to me by a coworkers friend. Is the flashforge The creator. This was to help me build the mpcnc.