Best inexpensive dc motor controller for 6amp dc motor

Hi all I’m looking for the next step up from my trusty l298n drivers. I’m trying to run a 6amp 12v dc motor and my 298s are rated around 2amps with my esp32.

Is there a chipset that’s ubiquitous/cheap in this space like the l298s are?

I’m not sure you would call them ubiquitous but there are higher current bridge dc motor speed controllers out there, here is a 12 Amp one. You could also just use a quad mosfet board like this attached to your existing L298 modules.


Thanks Mike I’ll check them out.

Shopping on Ali Express reminds me of the old pc trade shows. Vendors had bins of mystery boards that no one had ever heard of that might work or might blow up your pc but at always at low low prices.

It’s nice to have folks here to help navigate the bins.