Best Spoil Board to use?

I’m working on a few builds of the MPCNC…

what are you guy’s using for the spoil board? 3/4" MDF the best bet?

I used some 3/4" ply that had a nice veneer on it, because I had extra. I presonally prefer plywood to MDF. It’s a big easier to mill and doesn’t have the see super tiny dust (which I’m sure causes polio).

If I didn’t have anything, I’d find some pine plywood. You want the spoil board to be softer than your material and you want it as flat as possible and reasonable (so no OSB).

I plan on using plywood after the current one gets cut up too much. I’m currently using MDF, but then I’m also currently cutting materials that are harder than it (other MDF and plastics).

I need to make a new spoilerboard that’s bigger than my cut size so I can go back and let the router mill it smooth. The current one isn’t 100% flat to the XY axis and it shows up in small Z changes at opposite ends of the board.

I use 3/4" particle board - cheaper than ply, but doesn’t make the super fine dust of MDF when cut.

But I also use 1/2" pink insulation foam as a spoil board with my needle cutter since that needs something soft the needle can penetrate.

With my laser I sometimes don’t even bother with a spoil board…but my table is also 3/4" particle board and I don’t really care if it gets marked up.