Bit Fan

Planning out dust management in addition to a cyclone/vacuum/dust shoe combo.

anyone seen or tried this bit fan?
Bit Fan

Seems such a simple solution without adding extra equipment. I am limited on space.

There’s already a few nice dust shoe threads scattered about on this forum (China build, barry’s, tom’s, etc.) I think tom added some sort of compressed air blower to his method.

I haven’t tried it myself because my printer is down for maintenance, and im still waiting for parts to come in. Im sure no one wants to hear about my travails. Thanks for reading and any advice. Great community here.

That is something that I am definitely going to build as soon as my printer parts get in. Unfortunately, mine is also down as of right now.

That might be kinda cool. Most of the time the chips can really pack themselves into the cut though.

This is super easy and cheap to try though. If I do any cuts in the next few days I’ll give it a shot.

How about turning it the other way around so that it helps sucking the chips up ?

Could be great with this test I recently tried with my dust shoe:

Someone has tried it:


I find with vac on it that its pulling the heat from the bit anyways nice idea but not practical for my applications

Oh man, I like that! May have to give that a try when I get mine built.

The fan seems like a good idea for those that don’t have or can’t do a vac setup. Would also likely work well for the machines in enclosures since you are less worried about scattering dust/chips everywhere.