Bit Holders

Starting to get the hang of how to use my new Primo and the CAM side of Fusion. Doesn’t look like much but after getting the idea late last night I have these cutout before noon today!

Quick question - my workpiece was 23mm deep. My 1/8" single flute carbide bit is nowhere near that deep. If I wanted to cutout the pieces in their entirety with the CNC what would the appropriate toolpath function in Fusion 360 be? I don’t know how to prevent the holder from bumping into the workpiece. Fusion seems to keep wanting to just go vertically down into the piece.

I ended up just tracing the outline with a partial depth and finishing the cut on my table saw.


The 1/8" look so tiny like that!

For a cut like that I would do a 2d profile with tabs. For depth I would reach for a longer bit… 1/4” for the outsides for sure. That implies a tool change, which can be done if you split the different tools when post processing in f360.