Bits for leveling and larger cuts?

So i have a Dewalt 660, so I can handle 1/4 and 1/8 inch shanks (standard)
I am in the process of sourcing bits and parts for making my top plane board with a bunch of T slot grooves cut in there as well.
Can anyone recomend a good bit for the D660 that will work to smooth the top of my board so that all my jobs are perfectly level? It should be a decent size so that it doesnt take 10 hours to level it.
Also, any recomendations on a wider bit to clear large grooves etc. I have 5 bits on order from drillman already for small details, plastics, woods etc. Now i just realized ill need a couple more as well.


Harborfreight has this set: I used the 3/4 to dress my spoilboard.

A 1/4 end mill should clean it up really fast. You will be making really shallow passes so you can move pretty fast. I would guess 15 minutes or less. My beds have been pretty close as built, and I usually end up surfacing my parts or cutting all the way through so extremly flat has never been an issue for me. Maybe I should give this a go as well it can only help right?

No experience with the T Slots sorry.

I used the 1/2 inch mill for the t slots on mine. If you’re cutting rectangular holes, don’t forget oversize them to account for the round corners.

I just ended up hitting up my local Woodsmith store. instead of buying a bit and doing that, i just bought metal T slot rails that ill mount.
thanks for the advice folks :slight_smile: