bugfix files?

I’ve successfully loaded the dual endstop firmware to my Ramps 1.4 board. I notice when I power it up the LCD displays “bugfix-2.0x”.

I also note there are 2 bugfix files in Github - 1.1x and 2.0x.

What do these bugfixes do? Do I have to install them? How do I install them?

Sorry for the very basic questions I am very new to this.



The bugfix branch is the “beta” version of the regular firmware, it is ahead of the current stable release, and bugfix 2 is the newer version that bugfix 1. Kinda. I only have a maintained bugfix 2 branch so it is the only option for you. All of the files other than bugfix 1 are bugfix version 2 with settings specific to each machine.

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Thanks Ryan. So are you saying I just reload Bugfix2 firmware using Arduino IDE to replace the Ramps dual endstop formware?

Once again sorry if this is a basic question I am new to all this.

I have instructions on how to load the Beta on the firmware page. Unfortunately it is not that easy right now. Both arduino and Marlin are changing a lot right now.

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