Build Area Size & Depth

Hi there! First post and I’m looking to build a MPCNC.

I’ve been an avid 3D Printing enthusiast for about a year now and have a CR-10 & a Maker Select V2. I’m wanting to build a MPCNC but have two major questions before I start.

Is a 4’ x 4’ build area too big for the MPCNC? I don’t need nats ass precision like my printers - 1/16" precision would probably be good enough for me (unless I have reason to believe otherwise).

Is 3/4" thick material too thick for the MPCNC? Given I take proper depths of cut, this shouldn’t be a problem right? I want to be able to cut 3/4" MDF and Birch Plywood.


That is a much better suited for the LowRider CNC, all the same resolution just built for really big projects.

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Thanks for the reply. Is that due to the structural stability of the conduit? Should I stick to a 3’x3’ area instead?

You should make it as small as possible for your intended projects. This is a massive case of bigger is not better. Will 4’ work; yes, will 2’ work better; yes, much much better, 8"…etc.

For all the bigger builds I built the LowRider CNC. I use my LowRider way more often for 4’x2’, I will be cutting it down to fit that ASAP. I buy pieces from the local big box at that size never needed bigger, always need smaller but I also have an MPCNC for that, but that is my use case and my small work area.

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Put it this way, the smaller it is the faster it will cut at the same accuracy.