Build in Missouri

This is my build so far. It is a 24x24build. Made a 30x30 box to haul it around in. I still have to get the cables extended and much better cable management. It is running on a SKR V1.3 with 2310 drivers on the dual xy steppers. The software on the board is klipper and its working great. I like klipper due to the fact that I don’t have to keep downloading to it any time I make a change. I have it set up with a homing override for now so I could make sure the geometry was correct and the two crowns don’t look too bad either. One thing I did notice is it is not level. I am making some jigs to help get the legs much closer to level all around

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Forgot one thing


Ryan, thank you for designing this! Plan on hitting the shop for some bits and maybe the spindle you have there!


Such dramatic lighting…fancy! Welcome to the Crew!

Nice to have more company in Missouri.

I noted that your corner pieces look like very nice prints. I haven’t gone through all the back posts yet, but I have been noting the finish of the different parts. This is a good opportunity for me to see other 3D prints and make a comparison to mine. I am still not sure what is acceptable or what is bad enough to warrant some more work on my Prusa. I recently did some work on it and have gotten better prints than ever before. Makes me wonder what else I can do.

Mind you, mine are all great and functional and look fine, but I am still trying to establish a good baseline. My Creality does ok, but I have never got the finish that I can with the Prusa. and I am forever having to go back and tweak.

Marion, all most all of the parts were printed on my Creality ender 3 pro with only default settings. The only thing I changed were the infill and the perimeters. Everything else was stock. I also printed on my trendy x5sa and was able to print quite a bit of items all at one time. I got luck with that as I had no failures of any of the prints.

Been working on getting the cables extended so I can get everything in the box and have a nice clean look. One of my “hope to get working” is the senseless homing using the tmc2310’s. If that can’t work, I will hook up the dual endstops and go from there. Using Klipper and a raspberry pi was sooooooo easy with the skr v1.3 Lcd works well, will let me home and move everything.


Ryan, the “dramatic lighting” is supplied by my reef tank upstairs where I was working on it at. I make a box that it fits in and I can carry it around the house to get it out of the wifes way!

Awww I used to have a reef tank…a roomate incident ended all that.

Well finally made my first cuts with the Dremel today after many attempts with the different post processors here. That was very aggravating for a bit. One of the post processors did nothing, one would move the tool, but it would not make the moves it was supposed to. Then success! It made the cuts like it should and made lots of saw dust!!!

What have you been using? I’m pretty familiar with Inkscape. I have tried the gcode extension and it worked for some pen stuff. I have done KiriMoto with Onshape too. Mainly I have used SVGs and then Estlcam to do the gcode and it works ok. Haven’t done the milling yet. Using the excuse of needing to get the table done and dust collection ready before getting dirty, but I have to admit, I need a long stretch of time to figure out the tool paths. Lots of good stuff here on the forum as to the end mills that Ryan stocks.

I am using Fusion360 for the cam and the post processor that Ryan linked called MNPC_Fusion360_v10_SDcard.


I think Guffy’s version is the most complete at this point.

Ryan, I tried gruffys first and it did nothing. Going to properties on the post processor gave me no selections at al . The one I referenced above is the only one that would work for me at all. It could be a IOS thing but not sure at all.


Yep, I know I am reaching , IOS, the apple environment.

Well I figured out my problem with Gruffy’s post processor. it was all self induced stupidly. Tried it again but copied "all"the files and now it works!!!