Build size question.

I anticipate wanting to CNC many long format parts that are around 4’ long, but maybe only 1’ wide. Should I try to build a version that accommodates this? Or would it be best (or possible) to just build a smaller unit, and move the long part multiple times to get the entire length cut?

More specifically, I would like to CNC this centerboard for the sailboat I’m building. It’s overall dimensions are 46" x 9.25"

That should be a cool project. I would build a machine to fit it, Conduit is cheap you can always change it later if you need.

Custom build, then resize it for more general use. A build that is long and narrow is still going to be fairly rigid if you are only looking for 10 inches of travel in one of the directions. Somewhere around here there are part files for some supports that go in the middle (or spaced out however) on the outer rails of each axis. Those would be a very good thing to print for a long build.

Thanks V and N,

Yeah, I was just sitting here thinking about how much room it would take up, and then I started to think about how easy it would be to build with very shot conduit for testing, then expand, then retract. Starting to get into the mentality of how flexible this is. Also started thinking about a way to make it very quickly adjustable, with both the table and conduit expanding on demand. Although probably not possible for the conduit, the table might work. Getting excited to make this happen!