Burly MPCNC Complete Working CNC for Sale

I am contemplating selling my Burly CNC machine to build a bigger one. This is a fully functioning Burly CNC format.

But before I get too carried away I want to see if there would even be a buyer out there. I plan to use my current CNC to cut the parts for my next CNC. So after I find a buyer I would still need time to build mine before I can deliver the MPCNC to the new buyer.

I need to get $500 out of it. I can provide pictures to anyone interested. I printed it in Black and Navy Blue. It has a bed size of 22" by 32" and is running the Dewalt DW660 for the spindle.

I’d prefer a local pick up over shipping it. I’m in the suburbs near the Twin Cities Minnesota.

Let me know if you’re interested.


So show pictures i sold mine and not in mood to print

Here are some from during the build. I’m headed outside right now to take some of the finished machine.

How much i asking

Well… in my initial post I stated I need to get $500 out of it. However that was before I realized I hadn’t factored in the cost of the Dewalt router. So I can either keep the router or charge you what I paid for it which was $67.00. So I have $567.00 in it and that is what I would need to break even.

Hey, I’m interested, living in Newark Delaware, would it be possible to ship?

I’d prefer not to ship but I might consider it. Obviously you’d pay shipping. Let me think on that.