Burly printed parts

Get your Burly parts here for FREE** in beautiful dark red PLA!!!

Don’t forget about the FREE** accessory pack.

Accessories include:

  • a color coordinated case for the display
  • 2 different ways to manually square your new machine
  • a pen holder to draw your first crown
  • mounts to support a z axis cable chain
  • end caps for your freshly cut conduit
  • and even some parts that should have been included in the main kit

But wait there’s more… The BONUS endstop pack. There are more endstops in this pack than anyone person should legally own.

** Seriously if you’ll pony up for shipping you can have it all
No warranty expressed or implied
The corners are a little tweaked but should still work fine
All part sized for conduit


Thanks for doing this. And thanks for making it fun.

Everyone knows that red things naturally go faster…

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To sweeten the deal I will even throw in my leftover hardware. It’s not enough for a complete burly build but should help offset some of the cost. I also used some of the smaller bolts on another project

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This still available? If so, I’m in!

yep still available. Let me know your address and I will check on the shipping cost.

5541 S Wilson Dr
Chandler, AZ 85249

Also, my email is jdp3@usa.com if you want to message me there!


still available?

No sorry - already shipped out.