Burly Upgrade to Primo - Tubing Length + Position of Feet


I am upgrading my burly to a primo, all parts are sourced and the printing has just finshed :slight_smile:

So i took apart my burly and started to assemble the primo: i re-used existing table and mounted the primo-feet in the same location as the burly-feet were before, squaring was very good but now I can see, that - other than with the burly - the size of the x- and y gantry as well as the x- and y moving tubings are not the same length as with the burly. I have 6 stainless steel tubes, each 750mm long, I used this to get the length for them:


What do you recommend to continue from now:

  1. can i keep the feet in their position or will the structure be significantly weakened by the short tubing?
  2. can i generally go on and alle stuff will fit (or will be at least not too short) or do you recommend to use the primo calculator to get the nearest dimensions that the existing tubing will fit (or will be at least not too short), re-arrange the feet accordingly and continue from there?
  3. or is there no way to make everything fit without cutting some tubing?

Thank you for any advise :slight_smile:


Hi Felix,
it is as it is. Upgrading to Primo you have to decrease the dimensions or to get new tubes. I got the same result in upgrading my Burly to Primo.

On the other hand it depends on what material you are going to work with. If you are working with wood in my opinion you should try it in using the old tubes. Working with aloy I would recommend to change tubes.

Hey DJ,

thank you, finally I shortened the tubing. Since I only have an angle grinder at hand and my tubing is stainless steel getting everything to the correct length is not so easy (at least for me) but it helped knowing that there is no other obvious way to go :slight_smile: