Burnt wood American Flag

Hello everyone. New poster here. I’ve been lurking for a while though and just finished my MPCNC earlier this month. I’ve been carving mostly signs or jigs for other things but wanted to share the American Flag I just finished for my 7 year old (his request).


The flag is carved into a 1"x12"x22" piece of select pine using a 1/4" endmill and 60 degree v-bit. Less than two hours of total machining time and maybe about 30 minutes of manual labor.


Your kid has great taste. The flag looks really good.
Did you surface the board before painting and carving it?

I didn’t surface it. Just sanded and roundover edges on router table. Then carved the white stripes with vbit and endmill for clearing. Then I stained the blue and red parts and vbit carved the rest.

I’m thinking I need to add a touch plate for a more repeatable z home. That’s really the only thing that I wish was a little better.

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I know a shop that recently added one :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link. I didn’t realize there was one available in the store.

Damn, that came out nice!

Very nice!

Thanks. Been super busy through the holidays with some other flags.

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Just curious, what do you sell these for? I was selling 16×31" versions for $50 to co-workers.

These are cut from 1x12 pine so the size ends up being 11.25"x21.375". Friends and family usually get them for around $50. Online I usually get around $80-120 depending on design, epoxy fill and gift wrapping. Sold about 70 of them from mid November to Christmas.

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