Buying a tool for my MPCNC

Hello, I’d like some advice about buying a good tool for my MPCNC Primo.
At the moment I’m using an old Dremel I had lying around, but I’d like to upgrade to a more capable tool.
I mostly work on plywood for now (3 and 5 mm) but I’d like to work on woods like fir and pine, and hopefully even something harder like mahogany or oak, up to 20mm thickness.
I read a lot of good things about DeWalt tools, like the D26200-QS, but that model is a bit too expensive for me. Do you know about a cheaper alternative?
I’m from Italy, but I think german or french online shops should have no problem delivering in the EU, right? Not sure about UK ones though.

The Makita compact router is the new hotness. Not sure what the European version is though.

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Topics concerning European routers have come up on this forum a few times in the last three years. As Barry indicates the European version of the Makita RT0700C always tops the list. Some of the alternate routers are significantly more expensive. Others are cheaper, but have lifespan/quality/runout issues.

The one issue with Malita (and some of the other choices) is a collet for smaller bits. You really want to be able to use 3mm shank (1/8" in the US) bits on the router, and a collet for that size does not come with the router. Here in the US there are at least three sources for the smaller collets, but I’m not sure what is available in Europe.

Hello everyone I would recommend the Makita RTO700C but please not the replica, it is only cheap otherwise useless unless you only mill thin material max 3mm !!! It wasn’t easy to find the collets, but after a long search I found the right ones for the 3.175 mm and they run well
. I’ve been a carpenter for a good 35 years and have a little experience with routers! LG from Austria

Attention there are 5 sleeves shown but you only get 1 piece!!!
Much fun yet

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Thanks everyone for the replies, very appreciated.
The two pictures grassy67 posted show two different adapters for 6mm and 3mm or do I need both of those to use 3mm bits?

yes you need both if you want to get to 3mm they are plugged into each other

It appears that grassy’s solution uses both pieces. The first appears to be a 1/4" collet, and the second an adaptor that allows 1/8:" bits to be used in a 1/4" collet. You might get away with just purchasing the adaptor and using the collet that comes with router. Note that adaptors tend to introduce more runout (wobble).

What I don’t know is 1) what collet ships with the router (6mm or 1/4") in Europe, 2) if 1/8" and 1/4" collets works with 3mm and 6mm router bits, and 3) how readily available 1/8" and 1/4" bits are in Europe. If/when you figure that out, I’d appreciate you posting the information back to the forum.

Here are three places in the US that sell the 1/8" adaptors:

The Elaire Corporation is the only source I know for collets made specifically for 3mm router bits.

From the description in the store it should come with two collets, one 6mm and one 8mm.
I’ll let you know more as soon as I get the router: it should be here by next week and I will try one of the 3mm bits I have.

There are 3 different collets for the Makita for 8mm, 6mm 1/4 inch, 3mm 1/8 inch 3.175mm
The 8mm adapter was included with the machine, I ordered the other two from Amazon because Makita doesn’t offer any suitable collets. The 1/4, 1/8-inch milling cutters were also easy to get (Austria) will probably be the same in Europe too!
If you use the 2 adapters for the 1/8 milling cutter and put them together correctly, it works perfectly and there is great concentricity even with the small milling cutters under 1mm.

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Just to be clear, the 6mm collet will handle both 6mm and 1/4" router bits, and the 1/8" collet setup will handle both 1/8" and 3mm router bits? And, you have tried these combinations?

I haven’t tried the 1/4 inch and 6mm variants yet.
But I’ve already tried the 1/8 inch and 3mm versions and they turned out nicely, in Europe most of the small milling cutters also have a 1/8 inch shank

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Shipping took forever but the router finally arrived.
Now the mount: I was looking at this MPCNC PRIMO / CNC / Router - Makita Tool Mount RT0701C / RT0700C by DJPicasso - Thingiverse but as it’s a fairly big print (and expensive, 70m of filament at 50% infill) I’d like your opinion guys, as you know way more than me about this stuff :slight_smile:

I just used Ryan’s mount for the Makita.

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Thanks for your reply, Dan! Is 35% infill really enough? I’m using a pretty cheap PLA filament…

Yes, the tool mount is mostly just a strap that transfers the stresses to the core piece. Just don’t overtighten the retaining screws and it will be fine.

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This is better than the DeWalt?

It’s definitely cheaper: I paid €166 shipping included for the RT0700CX2J, i.e. the router plus a lot of accessories: dust extraction nozzle, spanner, template guide, 6mm and 8mm collet cones, straight guide, chamfer base, plunge base, trimmer base, and a carry bag.
If they threw a couple of quality bits in there it would have been perfect! :smiley:

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The makita is also skinnier, which brings the endmill closer to the gantry and gives a slight rigidity advantage.

On top of that, the lowest speed is slower than the dewalt and can be useful for plastics or acrylic.

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