Cable routing - Has anyone located their control board etc off the gantry and run longer cables?

I am at the stage in my build where I am ready to wire it all up. The work space is only 450 x 600mm and I would like to reduce some of the moving weight. Could I mount the control board and display on the end of the table and run cables through a controlled channel along the side of the table?
I would like to know if anyone has tried (and succeeded;) or what perceived issues there may be - presuming I sort out the cable management. The cable I have in mind is about AWS18 and low resistance.

I have a 8*4 and have the control in a fixed placed, I use shielded/screened cable for everything and have had no issues.


My control box is located at the front of the table. I use drag chains no problems. You’re just going to need a lot more length of cable.


I also use drag chains plus 1 more meter of cables out of the dragchains so i can have flexibilty on where i place my control box. No issue so far…


Could you possibly post a pic I have the same size setup but the cable from the router is always in the way