Calibration Not going so well

I recently just put together my MPCNC and have had a couple frustrating days. So I Thought I would turn to the Forums.

I have downloaded all the RC7 files and uploaded into the ramps 1.4. when I was checking my movement everything is double what it should be. It is moving in the right direction. That is a plus. but when I say to move 10mm from Repetier Host it actually moves 20mm. I have the 16 tooth pulleys and same everything from the website.

So during troubleshooting I changes my steps/mm in the Firmware and to my surprise it didn’t change the outcome of the results. Very odd. All the jumpers are in the position they are supposed to be in. I am not getting any better results.

Looking for somethings to try?

If you changed the values and it did not change the outcome, it probably means that something did not work well during the upload process to the Arduino board. Did you get any error from the arduino IDE during upload?

What you describe would also mean that you are operating at 1/16 stepping. Are you using DRV8825 drivers? Because if you are using A4988 they will operate at a maximum of 1/16 and not 1/32.

You are exactly correct. I am running the A4988. So what would I need to do to make it work?

You have to do the correct changes in the firmware. The steps per mm for all axis have to be divided in half. Then upload it to the arduino board. Double checking if the process is indeed completed successfully.

So yes, I did that and made sure it all went to the board. No errors not nothing. Then when I went to move it again and same thing. Its like my board is not taking the changes

So just recently i went to the LCD and the steps/mm on the LCD still say 200. Why wouldn’t those change if it changes in the firmware.

Does the bottom of the arduino screen say uploaded successfully?

Yes it does say uploaded. But LCD still shows the steps/mm the same as the original firmware.

Hmmm, that is a new one. No errors or anything? It should upload and reset.

Are you sure you aren’t just hitting verify/compile instead of upload?

Maybe try a different version of the arduino software if you can’t find a missed setting or something in there.

So I ran the steps/mm to 100 from the LCD and it is perfect. I uploaded one more time and it says done uploading. I am baffled. I do know one thing this machine is going to be awesome.