Can someone please provide me with a bootloader + V1CNC firmware bin for SKR Pro 1.2

Long story short. Got a dodgy board and clicking SD card to get it out, it snapped right off the board ha! I really don’t want to try solder this thing on again and short stuff as currently the board turns on fine.

I can flash bootloader + some firmware bin to it using ST LINK V2 utility but it would be awesome if I can find a bootloader + bin dump from some SKR PRO 1.2 using TMC 2209 1.2 drivers. It is the default shop combo as well. You will need ST Link dongle and utility to do this though I think?

@jeffeb3 any ideas mate or bootloader + v1cnc skr1p2 2209 series wiring firmware on you by any chance haha? no stress if you don’t thought I would ask. You guys are gurus with these boards, I am just getting started in this world.

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I don;t have the SKR Pro 1.2 biard, but have the SKT V1.3 board (non pro). It does have TMC 2209 drivers though and a lightly modified version of the V1 code. The changes are things like the drivers, size of the bed. If you tell me the board defn I can recompile my version of the code and send it to you.

Not sure what ST Link is, but can you attach a USB cable to the USB port and move a jumper to make it a USB drive. That way it would make it easier to load. That might be what ST Link is.


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There is already a build ready for that board

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You can flash the Skr pro over uart. I found the boot loader somewhere and there is a windows utility, or an open source linux command line one. It was in the skr board github issues. I ended up posting my linux steps there at some point. You don’t need a special piece of hardware, just a regular usb uart would work fine.

I haven’t looked at the datasheet for this CPU, but my guess is that if you wanted the bootloader and the firmware, it would be possible to flash the firmware with some offset to avoid the bootloader. But I have no idea what the offset would be. If you’re going to go down that channel, you might as well just leave the bootloader off, right?

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Yep so that offset is the problem. Tried with 0x8 with a firmware alone but it does not then respond to USB or LCD as a printer so over USB repetier or pronto won’t talk to it. Tried a couple bins.

Then found a boot loader + marlin for that cpu flash via st link at 0x8 starting address and boom it connects now as printer via lcd or USB so it works.

But now if I just want to update the firmware without having a sd card, I am learning above that I could just use a USB drive with firmware.bin in root?? I was over complicating it then as from factory the board already had a boot loader without me using st link :joy:

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Oh, is that right? Good to know.

Well I will give it a go tonight see how it goes with just USB now no St link flashing. I just don’t know the right off set for st link utility such that it leaves boot loader alone.

Found the address offset via a Marlin merge request. Check here, this fella had the exact same issue using to flash, in the code you can see what offset he used to bypass the bootloader. Bam!

So for others ever looking at this for similar issues. If you brick your SKR you can use STLINK dongles and then find any bootloader + firmware bin on SKR git. Flash it at default start address. Your board should now hopefully be back alive.

Now if you just want to use STlink to flash firmware alone, well you need to skip the bootloader, so if using stlink utility use the offset as specified in the merge request code above.

Normally you would do this if your SD card slot from a dodgy SKR also snapped off or SD card for some reason isn’t working to flash firmwares and you need to go STLINK way and if using compiled .bin files with the STlink utility software. Platform IO, Marlin already has the correct offset for flashing the SKR Pro as per merge request above.

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