Can someone video a complete walk through and a build for the lowrider?

A lot of questions I see here seem like they could be answered with a step by step video build. Then we won’t have to ask questions etc at every step. At least the basic build. Seeing how something goes together is much easier than telling how something is built. It should include build, set up, why we should choose which board, end stops and the like. And how the software is loaded and how to import to the system.

I know this is a lot to ask. If I had my parts I would do it. Well, maybe, because I don’t know how to assemble it either and though it seems pretty straight forward, there is a lot of technical questions that need addressing. Upgrading video would be great too. The knowledge is then shared the same way every time. Maybe folks can just do a section at a time and then send them to me and I’ll stitch them together into a series of short vids for the web and an all-in-one downloadable file.

My undergrad degree is in film and television production. I have the software and skills as long as the sound quality is good.

Thanks All.


I believe you can find all that here.

I’ll check it out. I’m a visual learner. I’ll check it out. Thanks Ryan