Can you change the Feed-rate percentage with the LCD on rambo

I know this might be wishful thinking. I was curious if its possible to manually adjust the feed-rate on a Rambo v1.4 after its running with the LCD screen dial? You can do this on most commercial grade CNC machines with a wheel on the controls. It would take the given feed rate and adjust by percentages 0% being a dead stop and 100% being whatever was written into the g code. And on our machines you can surpass that number in you want to speed it up past what you had originally set it for.


I ask because say im doing a cut and I realized crap I went too fast. Instead of stopping it reposting the g code and starting all over how nice would it be to slow it down by 5% and see if it improves.

You can. I can’t remember exactly how. But my memory says something line tune -> feedrate. You can also go higher, so be careful.

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For the discount LCD (not the full graphical LCD), the default action when turning the knob in the info screen is to change the feed rate.

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The discount LCD is that the one V1 sells? Cause that what I got.

No, Ryan sells the full graphics one. The names are terrible.

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I sell two LCD’s both change the feedrate by rotating the knob on the default screen.

Do not rely on this it is only for testing, you need to fix federates in your gcode so accels and the advanced stuff stay proper.

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I wouldnt rely on this but at least I can get a ball park idea on feed rates for stuff quickly and tweak the g code as needed.


Thanks for the responses