Canadian source for the LCD controller? Didn't realize that wasn't in the bundle

Just saw Mark Selig’s post about his bundle and LCD order and put two and two together and realized I never ordered an LCD or read the fine print enough to know I needed one.

So like the genius that I am, I have a beautiful 3D printed case for the LCD, but no LCD to put in it.

Living in Canada, paying shipping on top of the currency hit for a $15 USD part stings a bit. Does anyone know of another source for these LCD boards that’s in Canada? Amazon has them for $40 which should work out slightly better cost-wise but holding out hope for a better soruce.

Also do these boards work with the Archim motherboard or is there some gotcha there? I’m still waiting for my package to arrive and I’ve got a giant flat table to build so I haven’t dived into the electronics side yet.

Thanks in advance.

As long as you get the same type of screen you will be fine, don’t forget a small older SD card as well. As for a source, I’m on the wrong side of the boarder to help.

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This one looks the same


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Is this what you are looking for?

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Yep, that’s the one. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much all! I didn’t realize Spool3D had it. That will be the winner then because I can stop by next time I’m in the area. Woohoo!

The Amazon one is tempting, but the delivery is late September unless you pay $21 in shipping so may as well buy it local.

I’ve bought a bunch of parts from there for upgrading my ender5. Bought a duet wifi from them also but haven’t figured out where I want to use it lol