Candle holder

My wife makes candles on the side. She had some little owl jars and made candles with them. I’m still learning how to carve but I gave it a shot and tried to make a candle holder for one.



Love the detail in that carve! Nice!

I do not see a single thing wrong with that. I would say you have graduated. Very very nice work!

Wonderful now see if you can do it in reverse standing in the pocket.

Beautiful cut and pattern is great

Thanks for the compliments.

Tim, I think I know what you mean. I tried it by just the outlines of the pattern in some foam, but I liked it better this way and ran with it.

I originally started in Walnut but sadly due to my own lack of experience that piece failed. I went with a little bit of Mahogany I had lying around for this attempt.

What is pleasing to your eye is what you want and it is pleasing no reason to change just the challenge

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