Cant Reach bottom feet holes for screws

OK so Here I feel like a complete idiot but here it goes. The Bottom feet have holes that are very close to the assembly and what I want to do is have the whole machine complete and then bolt it to the board but I cant do that because of how close the bottom feet holes are to the machines. I cant get my drill in there to drive a screw threw straight. I would have to heavily angle my drill to get the screws threw and that could distort the bottom feet. It would seem that the only way to be able to drive a screw straight would be to screw on the bottom feet and build on from there but I dont want to do that because if i dont get the feet bolted perfectly, I could bend the machine from the misaligned feet. I feel SOO freaking stupid im stuck at this part of the build.

It may not help, but I did this for the same reason… Rotate the bottom block some and lightly angle the screws

I now have a long Phillips extension, but used to use a few short ones stacked. If that makes sense.

These will be your friends, they’re handy to have for lots of reasons.

To mount my feet, I put the whole thing together first, and then predrilled those holes. To predrill them in the right place, I actually printed an extra foot, but only the first 5mm or so of it. That gave me the “footprint” that I could put in the right place and drill through to get the holes in the right place. Then, yeah, you need to have a long screwdriver or bit extension to put the screws in.

Better yet, one of these, that way you can extend any bit you need (even a hex-shank drill bit). I keep them in 3", 6", and 9", and can combine when I need any truly obscene length.

Also also rotated my feet in the manner shown – the way the corners are notched makes it quite natural.

I put the machine in place, marked the holes, moved the machine, then I drilled the holes. After that I put it back in place and used a long screw driver to screw it down.