Carving files

I googled around for some 3D carving files but I didn’t find much I want something I can test the full features of my low rider. Everything I found was either overly intricate like ornate trim work or flat. Is there a site you guys have good luck finding files like this?

You can use STL files so any 3D print files will work. The hard part is finding something without overhangs and doesn’t have too much Z depth. Your slicer should be able to squish and resave your file though. I think you can have some fun with this.

I had just tried that and using estlcam I couldn’t figure out how to squish the Z separately. I can try squishing it in a 3d printer slicer and then saving it back out as an stl. Is that how you do it?

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Yeah, you should be able to manipulate the stl, make sure to unlock the scaling for separate axis controls and then you should be able to export it to a new STL.