Cheap LCD resin printer for clix

I have seen people ask this question a few times. I saw this and decided to share. If anyone is interested in a cheap LCD Resin 3D printer there is a good looking one on Kickstarter now. Perfect for small detailed things like DND clix etc…

EDIT: better link

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I guess we’ll see how well it prints in July… :lol:

My coworker bought one on kickstarter yesterday. The demo parts look nice. The tech have been proven to work. They just need to deliver I think. So Barry did you buy one as well? I would have but I already have a good one. Now if I can sell my form 2 I might get one of these instead.

Yea, I’ve been wanting to get a sla printer for a while. It’s running dual hiwin clone slides on the z, which is a huge upgrade that folks are doing to the anycubic photon. Also looks like they already have it designed and built, the kickstarter is just to fund the ramp up at the factory.

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They look like u groove wheels on supported rods, at least where it says they’re testing the “new” z rails. Probably works well enough anyways. Their bay area maker faire displace also uses the u groove wheels. [attachment file=“zrail beam3d.PNG”]


In the comments they say aluminum block linear rails, so I hope that means they’ve changed to hiwin clones, even the small ones would be great at this length, unless they just worded it vaguely.

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