Close up of hose supports

Does anyone have any pictures of their hose support assembly? I just slipped the supsupports into one of the z axis tubes.

That’s right. I had to put a hole in the angle, because if the zip tie went under it, it would bind up.

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Does anything bind it in to the z axis or does it just sit there? It seems like it could sit a shade higher. I’m thinking about increasing the scale of the printed support so it sort of spring fits in to the hole of the z tube…I guess I thought I was doing it wrong.

It just sits in there. I have my wires and hose held in there with velcro strips and it doesn’t hit. That is one of those parts that was just a quick print to solve a problem but turned out to work well enough to not go back and edit it. Next time I run it I will have a look at it for some different options.

So i just scaled the hose support part to 1.15, printed it out and it was a pretty good friction fit in the z tube. Thanks again for the help!