CNCJS - Do I need updated firmware?

Do I need updated firmware to be able to run my CNC with CNCJS on a raspberry PI? Can I just boot the PI with Jeffe’s image and roll?
I’m running a full sized rambo V1.4 with Dual End-stop firmware.

You should be able to use the firmware as is.

CNCJS works with both marlin and grbl. Just make sure you select the correct one in CNCJS when connecting to the controller or you’ll do like me and try 4 different baud rates before you notice you have the wrong one selected :confused:

OK. Do I need to flash the new image or just copy it over? I ask, because I’ve flashed it over to a micro-SD, but it won’t boot.

Oh… Cncjs doesn’t run on the controller itself. That image is used for running on a raspberry pi3 or pi4 and then connecting the controller to the pi through a USB cable.

Yep. I understand. My issue is that after flashing jeffe’s image onto the micro SD, the Pi won’t boot.

Any thoughts!

Oh. Nope.

I run cncjs out of my own docker container on a stock pi image.


@jeffeb3 should be able to help.

Yep, thanks - I hope so. I messaged him.

Did you use etcher to write the image to the microsd card? Did you set up the wifi on the microsd?

Yes to both. It just wont boot with the image.

I pivoted and used the cncjs website setup process, and set up a headless configuration and point my browser to the Pi IP address. Works fine, but I’d like the image to work so that I have a gui.

The v1pi image does not use a gui.

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Understand. Looks like I’ve got it working. Used it to cut today.

Thanks Jeff.

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